Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion Explained [Jujutsu Kaisen]

羂索の領域展開「胎蔵遍野」の手印 Jujutsu Kaisen

Kenjaku is said to be the mastermind in Jujutsu Kaisen.

When Kenjaku activates the Domain Expansion, Womb Profusion, he makes a hand sign that sticks the back of his hand.

In this article, a native Japanese writer explained Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion, the original source of its hand sign, and its meaning including Japanese backgrounds.

Name of Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion

The name of Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion is Womb Profusion.

After activation of Womb Profusion, a dead soul pillar surrounded by eerie statues appears.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen EP. 205

It looks evil…

Kenjaku possesses three cursed techniques, crossing the body, Cursed Spilit Manipulation, and Antigravity System, so any one of these techniques would be imbued into the Womb Profusion.

In the 206 episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, the Womb Profusion slams Tsukumo into the ground, so the Antigravity System would be imbued.

In addition, the Womb Profusion also dealt great damage to Tsukumo, a special grade sorcerer, so it must be a fairly powerful domain expansion.

In addition, the Womb Profusion is a domain that does not close the barrier, just like Sukuna‘s Malevolent Shrine.

Expanding the domain without closing the barrier is truly divine technique like painting a masterpiece not on a canvas but on air.

In the case of Malevolent Shrine, the range of the domain is expanded by the Binding Vows to give the opponent an escape route not closing the barrier.

Therefore, the Womb Profusion must have some kind of improved ability due to the Binding Vows not to close the barrier.

The Womb Profusion might have the ability of being stronger in the area pushing because Kenjaku activated it when Tsukumo was going to expand a domain.


What Does Womb Profusion (胎蔵遍野) Mean?

Womb Profusion(胎蔵遍野) is difficult kanji even for Japanese.

The Japanese meanings of 胎蔵遍野 is below:

Womb Profusion (胎蔵遍野)
・胎蔵 (Womb):Buddhist term. It represents the Buddha’s mercy to save the masses.
・遍野 (Profusion):Very many things. It looks like it’s spread all over.

“胎蔵 (Womb)” must be based on the Buddhist term “胎蔵界 (Womb Realm)”.

The Womb Realm, that is paired with the Diamond Realm, is the world of the law that nurtures the buddha nature of a person and makes it a buddha, just as the mother’s womb grows a seed.

In the Womb Realm, the Buddha’s compassion saves the masses.

The compassion and salvation in the Womb Realm correspond to the kanji of 羂索 (Kenjaku), 羂 of compassion and 索 of salvation.

On the other hand, 遍野 (Profusion) represents a state in which many things are spread all over.

For example, there is a word that uses 遍野’ is 尸横遍野 which represents a state in which a corpse is lying all over.

From the above considerations, the kanji character of 胎蔵遍野 would represent a realm that guides many souls (= 遍野) to salvation (= 胎蔵).


Hand Sign

When expanding the domain, it is necessary to make a unique hamd sign.

And the hand sign of Kenjaku’s domain expansion must be 反叉合掌 (Hanshagassho, anti-forked palm).

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen EP. 205, 反叉合掌

The 反叉合掌 is one of the 18 basic hand signs among the thousands of all Buddhist hand signs that exist.

It is said that by making the 反叉合掌, the body, mind, and words of the Buddha can be united, and we can reach the state of enlightenment.

By the way, the general hand signs of domain expansion corresponds to some kind of god (Gojo → Śakra, Sukuna → Yama, Okkotsu → Dakini), but Kensjaku’s hand sign is different because it corresponds to one of the basic marks of Buddhism.

Considering that Kenjaku possesses multiple cursed techniques, perhaps he may be able to use multiple domain expansions.

And when Kenjaku expands other domains, he may show other Buddhist hand signs.



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