Satoru Gojo Explained by a Native Japanese [Jujutsu Kaisen]

五条悟 Jujutsu Kaisen

The strongest sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen is Satoru Gojou (五条悟).

Satoru has cheating skills such as a powerful cursed technique, a Domain Expansion of one-hit kill, Six Eyes and reverse cursed technique.

In this article, the native Japanese author explained the Statoru Gojo taking the Japanese backgrounds into consideration.


Let’s start with the notes of Satoru Gojo.

Height191 cm
DreamTransformation of the Jujutsu world
Cursed TechniqueLimitless
Domain ExpansionUnlimited Void
Favorite FoodSweets
Bad FoodAlcohol
StressUpper echelon
Voice ActorKaiji Tang

The age of Satoru is 28 years old.

Satoru Gojo, Guguru Geto, and Shoko Ieiri were in the same class when they were in Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Quote:Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.8

The birthday of Satoru is December 7th.

Since the Culling Game started on November 1st, Satoru’s birthday may be celebrated during the game.

However, since time does not flow inside the Prison Realm where Satoru is sealed, his biological age would be different….

Satoru’s height is about 191 cm, which we can see from the height chart in the official fanbook.

Characters similar in height to Satoru include Aoi Todo (191 cm) and Panda (192 cm).

Satoru’s personality is cheerful.

In fact, Satoru behaved cheerfully even in serious situations, such as taking pictures of the battered Megumi Fushiguro, preparing surprises of Itadori’s returning, and inciting Jogo with “You’re so weak”.

In addition, Satoru is thought to be superficial.

For example, when Kento Nanami met Mahito, he remembered Satoru with “An almost textbook superficiality”.

And, Fushiguro said “that annoying guy…” with remembering Satoru.

In addition, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, answered “I can’t imagine Gojo being honest with a particular woman” to the question “Does Gojo not want a lover?” in the official fanbook.

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As described above, While Satoru is thought to be cheerfull and superficial, he is also considerate of students.

Actually, Satoru negotiated with the upper echelon to save Itadori and Okkotsu, and prevented Fushiguro from being sold to the Zen’in family

Also, when Itadori was killed by the upper echelon, Satoru was really angry and said “Maybe I should just kill all the higher-ups”.

The reason why Satoru is so considerate to students is assosiated with his dream “Transformation of the Jujutsu world”.

Actually, official fanbook revealed Satoru’s stress is “Upper echelon” and Sataru describes the upper echelon as “a bargain sale of rotten oranges”.

Satoru is the strongest, so he can kill all the higher-ups, but he believes that it would not cause any essential change, but only the change of the head.

And, that’s why Satoru is working hard to train strong and intelligent colleagues.

By the way, the idea Satoru cannot transform the Jujutsu world all by himself is derived from the event where he could not save the best frend Geto and said “But… it looks like just being strong is not enough”.

Satoru’s favorite food is sweets.

The reason why Satoru likes sweets is described in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.1 – “Satoru ate a lot of sweets to turn his head, and he just got a sweet tooth”.

Perhaps it corresponds to the line that Kashimo said, “you have to use your head to direct reverse cursed technique”.

In fact, Satoru is constantly using Limitless and repairing his brain by the reverse cursed technique.

Also, Satoru covers his Six Eyes not to make his brain tired.

These brain loads would have made Satoru a sweet tooth.

And, Satoru’s cannot drink alcohols.

Actually, Hakari said “Did you know Satoru Gojo can’t drink either” in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.18 and Satoru drank only non-alcoholic beverages at a drinking party with Nanami, Ieiri, and Ijichi in the novel version.

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And, the English voice actor of Satoru Gojo is Kaiji Tang.

Those are the notes of Satoru Gojo.


What Does Satoru Gojo(五条悟) Mean?

The Japanese meaning of Satoru Gojo(五条悟) is explained here.

五条(Gojo) is the name associated with Kyoto.

Kyoto is the most famous historic city in Japan.

And, the very famous bridge 五条大橋 (Gojo Bridge) is in the center of Kyoto.

Gojo Bridge is also the stage of a famous Japanese folktale Ushiwakamaru.

So, if Japanese people hear the name of 五条(Gojo), they will associate it with old times.

On the other hand, 悟(Satoru) is assosiated with Buddhism word 悟り(satori, Enlightenment).

So, if Japanese people hear the name of 悟(Satoru), they will associate it with Buddhism or something like a concept of enlightenment.

This is the Japanese meaning of Satoru Gojo(五条悟).


Limitless Cursed Technique

Next, I will explain the Satoru’s innate cursed technique.

Satoru’s innate cursed technique is “Limitless”.

Japanese Meaning of Limitless(無下限)

Limitless is “無下限(mukagen)” in Japanese.

“無下限” is a coin word which the author Gege Akutami made.

“無下限” would be the combination of the word “無限(mugen)” and “下(shita)”.

And, “無限” means “infinity” and “下” means “under” in Japanese.

So, “無下限” would mean “under infinity” from the Japanise point of view.


What is Limitless cursed technique?

Limitless is the cursed technique to manipulate infinity.

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.2 and 8 explain that negative natural numbers contained in the infinite series Satoru creates can slow things down or absorb space.

However, in the Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.15, Mr. T a master of engineering pointed out mistakes of the explanation of the Limitless.

As a result, it was concluded that Limitless is the cursed techniqu to design the convergence destination of infinite series.

So, we can understand that the Limitless cursed technique can stop or attracts targets by converging the destination of infinite series to a specific position.


Blue, Red, Purple

Satoru keeps his Limitless cursed technique out all the time, and all attacks converge (=stop) in front of him.

In other words, in order to hit Satoru, you have to cancel the Limitless with a special cursed tool, a cursed technique, or Domain Amplification.

However, even if you could hit Satoru, he can use reverse cursed technique and recover the damage.

In addition, Satoru can also use a cursed technique reversal by flowing the positive energy created by the reverse cursed technique into his Limitless.

His cursed technique reversal has the effect of “divergence” – the opposite of “convergence”.

These “convergence” and “divergence” are called “Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue (術式順転:蒼)” and “Cursed Technique Reversal: Red (術式反転:赫)”.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 8 and 9

In addition, Satoru has also mastered “Hollow Technique: Purple (虚式:茈)” that drives the imaginary mass generated by multiplying the Blue and Red.

This Purple has considerable speed and destructive power, and one-hit killed Toji Fushiguro, the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen.

As a side note, “蒼”, “赫”, and “茈” are the old fonts of “青”, “赤”, and “紫”.

So, even native Japanese rarely use “蒼”, “赫”, and “茈” to express the colors of blue, red, and purple.


Other Users of the Limitless

There are people other than Satoru who possess the Limitless as an innate cursed technique.

However, to drive the Limitless cursed technique needs Six Eyes that enable precise manipulation of cursed energy.

And, the combination of Six Eyes and the Limitless, like Satoru, is born only once in hundreds of years.

In coclusion, Satoru is a one-of-a-kind talent in several hundred years who has both Six Eyes and Limitless cursed techiniqe.


Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void

Satoru can use Domain Expansion.

The name of Satoru’s Domain Expansion is “Unlimited Void“.


The effect of Unlimited Void is “The actions you take in life are forced upon you infinitely”, which Satoru explained in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 2.

Simply put, the Unlimited Void causes a brain to malfunction by pouring infinite information.

In fact, even the 0.2-seconds Unlimited Void Satoru used in Shibuya Incident could stun the special grade curse spirits like Mahito and Jogo over 5 minutes.

According to Nanami, if you receive the Unlimited Void, you surely lose.

In addition, Satoru’s Unlimited Void is good at pushing domain, and easily pushed back the domain of Jogo.

So, Unlimited Void is thought to be the strongest domain expansion.


Japanese Meaning of Unlimited Void (無量空処)

The Japanese meanings of Unlimited Void (無量空処) is described here.

無 (mu)
“無” means “No”.

量 (ryo)
“量” means the “Amount”, “Quantity”, and “Volume”.
So, “無量” would mean “Amount of no limit”, “Infinity”, or “Unlimited”.

空 (ku)
“空” means “Empty”, “Void”, and “Sky”.

処 (sho)
“処” means “execution”.

So, the word of “無量空処” would represent “Execution puring the no limit information to your empty”.


Hand Sign of Unlimited Void

The motif of the Unlimited Void would be Śakra (帝釈天).

This is because the hand sign of Unlimited Void represents the sign of Śakra.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 2, 帝釈天印

Śakra is the emperor of gods, and particularly superior in combat.

The image of Śakra as a martial arts god reflects that Satoru is the strongest sorcerer.

These are the notes about Unlimited Void.


Six Eyes

One of the abilities that makes Satoru the strongest is his Six Eyes.

The abilities of Six Eyes are described below.

・Seeing cursed energy very clearly.
→The mechanism of cursed techniques can be seen through.

Precise manipulation of cursed energy.
→The loss of cursed energy is zero.
→The cursed energy never runs out.


Seeing Cursed Energy Very Clearly

Six Eyes can see cursed energy very clearly, like a high resolution thermography.

In addition, the flow of cursed energy seen through the Six Eyes tells you the mechanism of cursed techniques.

For example, in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 8, Satoru saw through immediately the mechanism of the cursed technique making alter egos.

Also, by seeing the flow of cursed energy, it is possible to recognize walls and floors not having cursed energy.

This recognition is just same as what Daido said – “If I see everything else, then it’s the same as if I see it”

However, Six Eyes can see cursed energy too clearly, even Satoru, always using reverse cursed technique, get tired.

That is the reason why Satoru always wear a sunglasses or blindfolds.


By the way, Satoru’s sunglasses are almost pitch black, and ordinary people can’t see anything through it.


Precise Manipulation of Cursed Energy

The second ability of Six Eyes is the precise manipulation of cursed energy.

As I mentioned earlier, Limitless cursed technique requires precise manipulation of cursed energy, and only sorcerers who have Six Eyes can use it.

Moreover, as Okkotsu said in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 16, the loss of cursed energy is zero due to the precise manipulation, and Satoru’s cursed energy never runs out.

So, Six Eyes have good synergy with the reverse cursed technique.

A weak point of reverse cursed technique is to consume a lot of cursed energy, as Ishigori said in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 20 “His reverse cursed techique is a problem. But it consumes a lot of cursed energy”.

However, sorcerers who have Six Eyes can use reverse cursed techique unlimitedly because they never runs out the cursed energy.

In fact, Satoru keeps the reverse cursed techique out to recover his brain and is always activating his limitless cursed technique.


Possibility of Losing Six Eyes

As mentioned above, Six Eyes makes Satoru the strongest, but there is a rumor that “Satoru may lose his Six Eyes” on the Internet.

The basis for this rumor is the OP of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

The OP of Jujutsu Kaisen describes the events that will occur in the future.

And, there is a description as if Satoru’s Six Eyes have lost its light.

Quote: Anime Jujutsu Kaisen

Also, in the OP of the Jujutsu Kaisen app version, Satoru’s left eye was cracked.

Quote: App Jujutsu Kaisen

Those are about the rumor that Satoru would lose his Six Eyes.


Six Eyes, Tengen, and Star Plasma Vessel

The Six Eyes, Tengen, and Star Plasma Vessel are all connected by fate, as Tengen said in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 17.

The fate of the Six Eyes, Tengen, and Star Plasma Vessel represents that the sorcerer with Six Eyes serve as escorts when Tengen merge with the Star Plasma Vessel once every 500 years.

In fact, Tengen appointed Satoru to guard the Star Plasma Vessel, Amanai.

However, Toji killed the Star Plasma Vessel and destroyed the fate of Six Eyes, Tengen, and Star Plasma Vessel.

Toji destroyed the fate of Six Eyes, Tengen, and Star Plasma Vessel
Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vo. 17

As a result, Tengen has evolved into an existence that surpasses the sorcerer, a new being that is both there and not there.

And the evolution is the trigger of Kenjaku to seal Satoru and carry out Culling Game.


Sealed in Prison Realm

Satoru has not appeared since he was sealed in Prison Realm in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 11.

The reason why Kenjaku sealed Satoru is that he is a hindrance but too strong to kill.

But, there are rumors that Satoru would die on the Internet.

However, Satoru has been sealed in the Prison Realm and not dead.

Physical time does not flow inside the prison, and humans inside it will not die except by suicide.

Satoru won’t commit suicide adn I don’t think the story will be complete without Satoru, so I’m sure he’ll come out of the Prison Realm in some way.


Possibility of Death

As mentioned above, Satoru has not died, but Akutami said “I think one of Itadori, Fushiguro, Kugizaki, and Gojou will die, or all but one will die by the end of story”.

And, in the OP of anime Jujutsu Kaisen, the position of Kugisaki got separated from Itadori, Fushiguro, and Gojo.

Quote: Anime Jujutsu Kaisen

And, the shadow is cast over the place around Itadori, Fushiguro, and Gojo.

So, this might imply that Itadori, Fushiguro, and Gojo will die and Kugisaki will live.



But… you’ll be lonely.

My best frend did. My one and only.

Don’t worry! I’m the strongest jujutsu sorcerer!

You die… alone.

Winning by dying and winning even if you die… are two completely different things.

But… it looks like just being strong is not enough.



This is the article about “Satoru Gojo Explained by a Native Japanese”.

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