Megumi Fushiguro Explained by a Native Japanese [Jujutsu Kaisen]

伏黒恵 Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro is one of the most popular characters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

In this article, a native Japanese writer explained Megumi Fushiguro including the Japanese backgrounds.


The basic notes of Megumi Fushiguro is summarized below.

Height175 cm
Cursed TechniqueTen Shadows Technique
Domain ExpansionChimera Shadow Garden
Favorite foodWhat goes well with ginger
Disliked foodPaprika, Sweet side dishes
StressHuman (90%)
Voice ActorRobbie Daymond

Fushiguro is a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, and his birthday is in December, so he is 15 years old in the story.

The official fanbook also states that Fushiguro is 15 years old.

From the height chart in this official fanbook, you can see that Fushiguro is 175 cm tall.

This height of Fushiguro is a little taller than Itadori and a little shorter than Okkotsu.

The official fanbook also states that Fushiguro’s hobby is to read books.

However, in the main story, there is no depiction of Fushiguro as a lover of reading.

Actually, in the novel version of Jujutsu Kaisen, Fushiguro was frustrated in his heart saying he want to go home early and read when Itadori invited Fushiguro to play,

The official fanbook also states that the stress of Fushiguro is “Human (90%)”, which seems to mean that 90% of people are stressed for Fushiguro.

In fact, Fushiguro said, “I will help people unequally” and “Otsukotsu-senpai is the only person I can respect without hesitation”, as if he dislikes most people.

The reason why Fushiguro started to think like this would be because even Tsumiki, a typical good person, was cursed.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 143

Actually, Fushiguro said, “The only thing that is fair about life is how unfair it is to everyone” and “I’ll save people whether or not it’s fair”.

That’s why Fushiguro is attracted to Itadori and Okkotsu, who try to be good even in such an unfair world.

In addition, Fushiguro is the head of the Zen’in family.

Despite not being a member of the Zen’in family, Fushiguro was appointed by the former head, Naobito, and suddenly became the next head of the Zen’in family.


And, the voice actor of Megumi Fushiguro is Robbie Daymond.

Those are the notes of Megumi Fushiguro.


What Does Megumi Fushiguro (伏黒恵) Mean?

Let’s think about the origin of the name “Megumi Fushiguro (伏黒恵)”.

The Japanese meanings of 伏黒 (Fushiguro) are below:

黒:Black, shadow

So, 伏黒 would represent the person who subdues the shadow.

And, 恵 (Megumi) means blessings.

So, Toji named his child “Megumi” with the wish of “Blessing”.

And, what Fushiguro said, “But you guys, with all your blessed talents lost to a monky like me who can’t even use Jujutsu.”, implies “Blessing” means having a cursed technique.

Toji was coldly treated by the Zen’in family because he did not have a cursed technique, so he wanted his child to be born with a cursed technique.

That is the Japanese meanings of 伏黒恵.


Ten Shadows Technique

Fushiguro’s cursed technique is Ten Shadows Technique.

Ten Shadows Technique is a cursed technique that is inherited by Zen’in family.

The fact that Sukuna praised Ten Shadows Technique and an user of Ten Shadows Technique killed an user of Limitless with Six Eyes 400 years ago, suggests Ten Shadows Technique is a very strong cursed technique.


Motif of Ten Shadows Technique

The motif of Ten Shadows Technique must be Tokusanokandara, the ten kinds of ancient Japanese treasures which is said to be able to revive the dead.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokusanokandara

In fact, the marks of Tokusanokandara are engraved on the Shikigami’s bodies.

And, the ability of Tokusanokandara to revive the dead would be related to the reason why Sukuna likes Fushiguro, as described later.



The ability of Ten Shadows Technique is to summons 10 types of shikigami that have been subjugated in advance, using shadows as a medium.

However, once a shikigami is completely destroyed, it cannot be summoned again.

Instead, the abilities of destroyed shikigami will be passed on to other shikigami.

So far, Fushiguro has subjugated six types of shikigami, Divine Dogs, Nue, Great Serpent, Toad, Max Elephant, and Rabbit Escape.

Sukuna has destroyed Great Serpent in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 2, so Fushiguro can summon the remaining 5 types of Shikikami.

In addition, Fushiguro can summon the strongest shikigami “Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga”, that none of Ten Shadows Technique users have been able to subdue.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 15

Fushiguro’s trump card was to involve the opponent into the ritual to subjugate the Mahoraga.

However, Gojo said, “Winning by dying and winning even if you die… are two completely different things.” because the trump card prevented Fushiguro from demonstrating his true power.

By the way, 400 years ago, Mahoraga killed the user of Limitless with Six Eyes just like Satoru Gojo.

Mahoraga is truly the strongest shikigami.

Including Mahoraga, 7 types of shikigami have already appeared, and 3 haven’t yet.

The remaining 3 types of shikigami may appear in the future.


Ability of Ten Shadows Technique

Ten Shadows Technique can store objects inside the shadow.

Actually, Fushiguro puts himself or Cursed Tools into the shadow.

However, the weights of the object inside the shadow are added to Fushiguro’s weight.

Therefore, it is impossible to store heavy items or large amounts of Cursed Tools in the shadow.

Despite these drawbacks, a wide range of application to store objects inside the shadow and the ability to summon Shikigami suggest the strength of Ten Shadows Technique.


Chimera Shadow Garden

Fushiguro can use Domain Expansion, albeit incomplete.

The name of Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion is “Chimera Shadow Garden”.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 19

The Japanese meaning of Chimera Shadow Garden (嵌合暗翳庭; Kangoaneitei) is delow;

嵌合 (Kango):The state of fitting tightly together
暗翳 (Anei):Dark shadow
庭 (Tei):Garden

Therefore, the Japanese meaning of 嵌合暗翳庭 (Chimera Shadow Garden) may be something like closely confined in a garden filled with dark shadows.


Ability of Chimera Shadow Garden

The ability of Chimera Shadow Garden is to expand a sea of shadows and launch attacks from it.

The Fushiguro’s domain has not been completed, so a sure-hit cursed technique is not imbued into its barrier.

And, the effect of the domain is to expand Ten Shadows Technique and draws out 120% of the potential ability, which is correlated to what Gojo said in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 2 – “You get an upgrade in stats due to the environment”.

Also, Fushiguro’s domain is incomplete, and not closed.

But, Fushiguro can close the domain if he divert the real space such as the gymnasium.

Chimera Shadow Garden must become quite strong when completed in the future, because it is quite powerful even in such an uncompleted one.


Hand Sign of Chimera Shadow Garden

The motif of Chimera Shadow Garden must be Bhaisajyaguru (薬師如来; Yakushinyorai).

This is because the hand sign of Chimera Shadow Garden represents the sign of Bhaisajyaguru (薬師如来).

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 7, 薬師如来印

Bhaisajyaguru is accompanied by Twelve Heavenly Generals which includes Mahāla (摩虎羅; Makora), the motif of Fushiguro’s Shikigami Mahoraga (魔虚羅; Makora).


Sukuna Likes Fushiguro

Fushiguro is Sukuna’s favorite for some reason.

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 14

In fact, when Sukuna saw Fushiguro using Domain Expansion, Sukuna said, “Good, That’s good”.

In addition, Sukuna saved Fushiguro with reverse cursed technique, and said, “there is something I need you to do”.

So why does Sukuna like Fushiguro?

This is probably because Sukuna plans to use Fushiguro’s technique to revive him.

In the first place, the reason why Sukuna became interested in Fushiguro was that Fushiguro tried to chant “With this treasure, I summon…”.

In Japanese version, “With this treasure, I summon…” is translated into “布瑠部由良由良”.

This “布瑠部由良由良” is chanted when reviving the dead using the Tokusanokandara, the motif of Ten Shadows Technique.

In addition, the Tokusanokandara includes “死返玉 (Reborn Ball)” which can revive the dead.

Based on the above situation, a shikigami that can revive the dead may exist in Ten Shadows Technique.

Therefore, the actions of Sukuna below also make sense.

・Sukuna reacts to Fushiguro’s domain expansion with “Good. That’s good”
→Fushiguro needs to become stronger in order to subdue the shikigami that can revive Sukuna.

・Sukuna said to Fushiguro, “there is something I need you to do”.
→To revive Sukuna.

・Sukuna refused Jogo’s suggestion to make Binding Bows to takes over Itadori’s body.
→To fully revive with Sukuna’s own body, not the Itadori’s body.

In summary, Sukuna would be aiming for a complete resurrection using Fushiguro’s cursed technique, so Sukuna is interested in Fushiguro.


Die or Survive?

I think that Fushiguro is likely to die.

The reason is that Akutami, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, states in the official fan book that “Fushiguro’s end has been already decided”.

Also, judging comprehensively from the following depictions, it seems likely that Fushiguro will revive Sukuna to save Itadori and Tsumiki.

Foreshadowing of Fushiguro’s revival of Shukuna
・Fushiguro said, “I’ll save people whether or not it’s fair.”
・Fushiguro dislikes 90% of human.
→Fushiguro will save Itadori and Tsumiki even if many people would die due to the Sukuna’s resurrection.

・The motif of Ten Shadows Technique is the treasure to revive the dead.
→To revive Sukuna.

・Sukuna made Binding Vows, “Enchain”, with Itadori.
→To negotiate with Fushiguro to revive Sukuna in exchange for saving Itadori and Tsumiki.

Also, Itadori and Tsumiki is in the scene where Fushiguro says, “I will follow my concience and save people.”

Quote: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 6

Also, considering Binding Bows of Jujutsu Kaisen, Fushiguro would have to give up his own life to revive Sukuna.

Therefore, I expect that Fushiguro will revive Sukuna in exchange for his own life, in order to save Itadori and Tsumiki,.



But what are you going to do when someone you saved kills someone else in the future?

The only thing that is fair about life is how unfair it is to everyone.

I’ll save people whether or not it’s fair.

I will follow my concience and save people. If you disagree with that then… let’s agree to curse each other.

It’s not about whether I can. I have to do it

I’ll kill you if you die again!!

Imagine a future version of myself who’s freely surpassed my limits!

So, you are like that huh? Trash who cares more about words than deeds.

All you need to do is wave away any sparks that fly your way.



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