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Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy is one of the main bosses in ELDEN RING.

You might think:

・Who is Rykard?
・What is Blasphemy?
・Why does he fight us?

In this article, a native Japanese writer explained the lore of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy including Japanese backgrounds.


Radagon and Rennala

Rykard is a child of Radagon and Rennala, as described in the text of Rykard’s Great Rune.

Rykard’s Great Rune
Rykard was amongst the children of Rennala and Radagon, who became demigod stepchildren after Radagon’s union with Queen Marika.
But Rykard fed himself to the blasphemous serpent, Great Rune and all.

From the text above, we can see Rykard is a demigod.

In addition, Ranni and Radahn are Rykard’s sister and brother.



The purpose of Rykard is to eat gods.

Rykard has been devouring heroes at Volcano Manor, as described in the text of Rykard’s Rancor.

Rykard’s Rancor
These spirits manifest from the rancor of heroes who met a violent end. The lord granted them an audience, whereupon they were welcomed by the maw of the great serpent — and within the serpent’s bowels, they became the lord’s kin.

Rykard devours the heroes after welcoming them, which is the origin of the name of “Lord of Blasphemy”.

Actually, Rykard said below:

Hmm… Very well.
Join the Serpent King, as family… Together, we will devour the very gods!

From this dialogue, we can see Rykard’s purpose is to devour the gods.

Moreover, the fact that Rykard has made his body eaten by the great serpent indicates the strength of Rykard’s will.

Remembrance of the Blasphemous
Rykard took the form of a giant serpent that he might devour, grow, and live eternally. “I understand. The road of blasphemy is long and perilous. One cannot walk it unprepared to sin.”

From the text above, we can see Rykard wants to obtain the power to grow and live eternally, so he dedicated himself to the great serpent.

But, why does Rykard stick to the power?


Rebellion against Golden Order

The reason why Rykard sticks to the power is to rebel against the Golden Order.

Tanith the manager of Volcano Manor mentioned the purpose of Rykard.

Why accept the burden of their grace, or be fooled by the dogmatic ramblings of the Fingers? Rise with us, against the Erdtree.

From this dialogue, Rykard must be both Anti-Golden Order and Anti-Two Fingers.

So, Rykard has been hunting the Tarnished guaided by Golden Order or Fingers.

In addition, Tanith also talks about Rykard as follows:

Now, perhaps the time has come to tell you. Of the true ruler of this manor, Lord Rykard. The Erdtree blessed the Tarnished with grace. But it was all too meagre, in the fate of the enormity of their task. The Tarnished were forced to scavenge, squabbling for crumbs. Like the shardbearers, vying for power in the wake of the Shattering. Our Lord, indignant, had refused. To scurry about, fighting over what miserly scraps they allow us. If the Erdtree, and indeed the very gods, would debase us so, then we are willing to raise the banner of resistance, even if it means heresy. We at the Volcano Manor, under Lord Rykard, have sworn no rest until it is done.

In the Shattering, the demigods fought over the pieces of the Elden Ring, but Rykard believes that the Fingers made the demigods fight.

So, Rykard can’t forgive the gods, Fingers, and Golden Order that don’t do anything while they made demigods and the Tarnished fight.

What Rykard did, deceiving and killing heroes, is actually unethical, but how Rykard thinks about gods, Fingers, and Golden Order might be ethical.


Plotter of the Night of the Black Knives

Rykard is one of the plotters of the Night of the Black Knives, as described in the text of Blasphemous Claw.

the Night of the Black Knives

Blasphemous Claw
A slab of rock engraved with traces of the Rune of Death.
Can deflect the power of the Black Blade.
On the night of the dire plot, Ranni rewarded Praetor Rykard with these traces. Should the coming trespass one day transpire, they would serve as a last-resort foil, allowing Rykard to challenge Maliketh the Black Blade, the black beast of Destined Death.

From the text, “On the night of the dire plot, Ranni rewarded Praetor Rykard”, indicates that Rykard must be one of the plotters of the Night of the Black Knives.

And, from the text, “allowing Rykard to challenge Maliketh“, the reason why Rykard participated in the Night of Black Knives was to one day steal the Rune of Death from Maliketh.

Since the Rune of Death has the power to kill even gods, it is speculated that Rykard tried to steal not the fragment but the all of the Rune of Death in order to kill and eat gods.



This article explained the lore of Rykard.

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