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Young yet Towering Sister ELDEN RING

There is an NPC in the ELDEN RING named Latenna the Albinauric.

Latenna is unable to walk because she is an Albinauric, but she is traveling on a wolf for a purpose.

In this article, a native Japanese writer explained the lore of Latenna the Albinauric including Japanese backgrounds.


The name of Latenna’s partner wolf is Lobo.

lattena and lobo

Lattena cannot walk because she is an Albinauric, but she needed to travel for a purpose.

So, Lattena has been riding her partner Lobo to make the trip.

Actually, Lattena describes Lobo as her better half.

However, when we met Lattena for the first time, Lobo has been murdered by someone.

At this time, Lattena said the following

Foul tarnished, what do you want?
I told the all-hearing brute. That I possess no such medallion.
Or have you come to take more from me? Was my other half not enough?

Here, the all-hearing brute must be Gideon Ofnir.

Thus, the mastermind behind Lobo’s murder is Gideon.

Gideon is a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to get information about Demigods.

In other words, the Albinauric had an medallion that led to Miquella, so he killed the Albinauric, including Lobo.

Gideon doesn’t mind killing to get information… he is an outrageous villain…



The purpose of Lattena’s journey is to bring the young yet towering sister to life.

The young yet towering sister is below.

It’s certainly towering.

About the sister, Lattena said the following

Oh young yet towering sister of ours. Let the birthing droplet in. And create life. For us. For all the Albinaurics.


Young yet Towering Sister

Now, what is the true identity of this young yet towering sister?

There was no mention of the sister’s identity in the game.

Therefore, I will describe my own prediction about the identity.

I expect that the sister is the third generation of the Albinauric.

In fact, there are multiple generations in the Albinauric, as described in the text of Albinauric Ashes.

Albinauric Ashes
A strapping duo of cartwheeling spirits who wield ripple swords and spew freezing breath.
Both are second-generation Albinaurics, with dumpy heads that resemble those of frogs.

The first-generation Albinaurics have human form and the chronic disease of not being able to walk, while the second-generation of Albinaurics have alien appearance and are fast-moving.


Here, Lattena would be the first generation, as they have a human appearance.

And from the expression “young”, the young yet towering sister would be more than second generation.

And since the appearance of the sister is quite different from that of the second generation, so I think that the sister would be of the third generation.

Also, as the Albinaurics go through generations, some updates are added.

For example, the second generation has the mobility.

And considering Lattena’s line of “And create life”, I think that the third generation may have a complete humanity.

Historically, the Albinaurics have been persecuted for being non-living.

So, the Albinaurics’ becoing completely human is probably what Lattena said, “For all the Albinaurics”.

Therefore, it is expected that Lattena’s purpose is to make her sister’s life, humanization of the Albinaurics.



This article explained the lore of Latenna.

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