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St. Trina's Torch ELDEN RING

The most mysterious demigod must be Miquella.

And, Saint Trina is considered to be the same person as Miquella.

However, since there is little explanation in ELDEN RING, you may wonder, “Are Miquella and Trina really the same person?”

So, in this article, we will consider whether Miquella and Trina are the same person, based on the evidences such as item texts and dialogues.


In conclusion, it seems very likely that Miquella and Trina are the same person.

If Miquella and Trina are the same person, everything makes sense.

The evidences are shown below.


Tow Genders

I said that Miquella and Trina are the same person, but to be precise, the relationship between Miquella and Trina would be the same as that between Marika and Radagon.

Marika and Radagon

That is, two souls and two minds are in one body.

The possibility that Trina has two genders is implied in the text of Sword of St Trina.

Sword of St. Trina
Silver sword carried by clerics of St. Trina. Inflicts sleep ailment upon foes.
St. Trina is an enigmatic figure. Some say she is a comely young girl, others are sure he is a boy. The only certainty is that their appearance was as sudden as their disappearance.

In addition, what Malenia said implies Miquella is a man.

O, dear Miquella…
O, dearest Miquella, my brother…
I’m sorry. I finally met my match…

And, “Saint Trina” is translated into “聖女トリーナ (Saint Sister Trina)” in Japanese, which suggests Trina is a woman.

Miquella is Marika and Radagon‘s child, so it’s not surprising that Miquella inherited his parents’ traits, two genders and personalities.


Similarity of Item Texts

Item texts related to Miquella and that to Trina are very similar.

Miquella’s Lily
A delicate water lily of unalloyed gold that has started to fade and wilt.
Material used for crafting items.
Exeedingly rare to find.
A flower signifying faith in the Haligtree.
Thought to be beloved by the Empyrean Miquella in his youth.

Trina’s Lily 
A pale purple water lily that is on the verge of wilting.
Material used for crafting items.
Exceedingly rare to find.
A symbol of faith in St. Trina.
Dulls the senses, preventing agitation.

As these item texts are written in the same sentence structure, the developers clearly hinted at the connection between Miquella and Trina,



Miquella and Trina are both associated with sleep.

For example, Miquella is sleeping in the Cocoon of the Empyrean, which is translated into “神人眠りの繭 (the cocoon of the sleeping empyrean)” in Japanese.

Miquella's arm

On the other hand, there are many notations related to sleep in Trina’s item texts.

Sword of St Trina
Silver sword carried by clerics of St. Trina. Inflicts sleep ailment upon foes.

St. Trina’s Arrow
Arrow carved to resemble a withered water lily. Afflicts targets
with a powerful sleep effect.

St. Trina’s Torch
The light-purple flame induces sleep

Since Miquella and Trina are related to sleep, it is highly likely that they are the same person.


Ability to Be Loved

Both Miquella and Trina must possess the ability to be loved by others.

For example, according to the text of Bewitching Branch, Miquella has the ability to force others to love him.

Bewitching Branch
The Empyrean Miquella is loved by many people. Indeed, he has learned very well how to compel such affection.

In fact, Mohg has loved Miquella.


On the other hand, the text of Fevor’s Cookbook suggests that Trina may also have the ability to be loved by others.

Fevor’s Cookbook
A record of crafting techniques left by a man who was utterly captivated by St. Trina. He continued the search for her in his slumber.

The fact that Miquella and Trina have the same ability also makes sense if they are the same person.



This article explained the lore of Trina.

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